Instructional Continuity

 Augusta University strives to maintain academic continuity when normal academic activities are disrupted. While natural disruptions may encroach on a faculty’s ability to teach face-to-face classes, the Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) has provided digital solutions to assist with class restructuring and make-up activities. This guide will provide you with resources for building out your Instructional Continuity Plan.

it’s our hope that you are aware that the Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) and instructional technology support staff embedded in your college or school are ready to offer their knowledge and skills to help you develop the resources you need. 

AU Course Shell

AU Course ShellCreated by the Center for Instructional Innovation at Augusta University, the AU Course Shell is a 16-week online course structure with pre-built pages that you can modify according to your needs. It is ADA-compliant and addresses many of the Quality Matters Rubric standards.

The shell is organized into a "Start Here" module and 16 instructional modules. 

  • The "Start Here" module contains 10 pre-built pages that follow the best practices you will read about in the next few lectures of this module.
  • Each instructional module has five customizable pages with prompts and tips to guide you through the development process.

More about the AU Course Shell

In addition to the above your IT Instructional Systems Analyst (ISA) can help you put our instructional systems to work for you and your students.

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