Echo Lectures

Your professor may decide to record lectures through the Echo360 system. This page is a quick primer on using the Echo360 system.

How to login to Echo360:

Download the appropriate software for your computer at  Enter your email address and press enter.  When prompted to login, please enter your AU JagID and password.

In the upper right, by your name, click on the settings cogwheel

Login screen from Echo360 

Accessing Courses/Classes

If you come in through an LMS/VLE such as Blackboard, or Canvas, or Moodle, you might end up on the Class List for your course/section. It looks like this:

Screen showing access for classes. The Class List is generally known as the Home page for the course. From here you can click on a class to enter the classroom and view the recording or presentation. And there's more to courses than just classes, including a Q&A or discussions feature, the ability to take notes and review your study guide, and search across the section for something specific.

Viewing and Posting Questions in the Classroom

Taking Class Notes in Echo360

A student can alternatively upload an exported mp4 file from Powerpoint to their echo 360 library and place a public link to it in a discussion or within a word document uploaded to an assignment folder.

Video Tutorials

Personal Capture


  • Downloading Echo 360-- When downloading, choose the version of Echo360 for your computer.
  • Installing Echo 360 for Windows
  • Overview of Echo Personal Capture

Classroom Capture