The FDRC will serve as a coordinating committee to see that the affairs of faculty research, presentation or publication of research, scholarly activities, evaluations and assessment methods are supported effectively, and that there is appropriate ceremonial recognition of their teaching, research, and service. In addition, the FDRC is responsible for organizing the CSM Honors Recognition ceremony.

Charge: The CSM FDRC, in coordination with the Associate Dean for Research and appropriate University-level committees, will encourage and support scholarly endeavors of its faculty. Such endeavors may include conducting faculty and student research, enhancing and maintaining effective teaching, journal and book publication, grant writing, 316 receiving funding, presenting in or attending conferences, conducting or participating in workshops and training sessions, and receiving additional graduate training. When needed, the FDRC will review the faculty evaluation and assessment instruments and 319 methods, and the FDRC will recommend improvements to suit the needs of the CSM. Similarly, the FDRC will make recommendations on behalf of CSM as needed to the Office of Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence (OFDTE) and the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research. Such recommendations shall be forwarded via the Dean for appropriate endorsement. The FDRC will make recommendations to the dean of the CSM regarding college-wide awards to faculty for excellence in teaching, scholarly work, and service. The FDRC will also assume a pro-active role in identifying, recommending, and promoting nominees from the CSM for university-wide faculty awards for teaching, scholarly excellence, and service.



Membership Roster

Members Role Constituency Representing Term
Bobby Barker Member Department of Chemistry and Physics Faculty July 2020 - June 2022
Guangming Jing Member Department of Mathematics Faculty July 2021 - June 2023
Maria Sabbatini Member Department of Biological Sciences Faculty July 2020 - June 2022
Richard Topolski Member Department of Psychological Sciences Faculty July 2020 - June 2022