The committee will monitor OSHA, CDC, ADA and other appropriate agency policies regarding infection and hazard control in the dental environment. It will update infection control and hazards procedures for the Documents and References Manual and website as indicated and maintain the compliance plan. It will recommend policy and protocols and provide periodic evaluations to assure that The Dental College of Georgia is in compliance with appropriate infection and hazard control standards. It will advise the Associate Dean for Patient Services who will serve as an ex officio member. Its make‐up will include a representative from each clinical department in The Dental College of Georgia, and Dental Hygiene; staff representatives from the dispensary, central sterilization, and assisting; and one student each from the sophomore, junior and senior classes. The committee will be appointed by the Nominating Committee. The Steering Committee will appoint the chair in consultation with the Dean.



Dean Carol Lefebvre


Andrew Kious

Membership Roster

Members Role Constituency Representing Term
Pachiappan Arjunan Member Department of Periodontics Faculty Ongoing
Courtney Babb Member Department of General Dentistry Faculty Ongoing
Erin Boyleston Member College of Allied Health Sciences Faculty Ongoing
Weston Fortson Member Department of Orthodontics Faculty Ongoing
Assistant Dean for Patient Services,
Alan Furness
Member The Dental College of Georgia Faculty Ongoing
Sajitha Kalathingal Member Department of Oral Biology & DX Sci Faculty Ongoing
Andrew Kious Committee Chair Department of Restorative Sciences Faculty Ongoing
Kurt Metzler Member Department of Restorative Sciences Faculty Ongoing
Kevin Plummer Member Department of Restorative Sciences Faculty Ongoing
Bruce Riggs Member Department of Pediatric Dentistry Faculty Ongoing