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What is Networking & Why is it Important?

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Networking is a process of building and maintaining relationships with professionals in your field of interest.  Networking:

  • Encourages you to develop and maintain a professional image and profile

  • Helps you explore career options effectively

  • Develops your employer research skills

  • Refines your interviewing skills

  • Provides you with industry-related professional advice


Who is in Your Network?

Everyone you know is in your network. From your English professor to your neighbor across the street, each person in your network knows a professional person with experience that can benefit you.


Networking Etiquette

One of the most basic skills you need to develop as part of networking is the impromptu introduction. Sometimes called the Elevator Pitch or the 15-second introduction, this short introduction is used for unplanned meetings with professionals at community events, in the elevator, or in Augusta University dining hall. Check out this Candid Career Video on the Elevator Pitch:

While to face meetings with professional contacts is an effective way to network, on-line networking is fast becoming the first contact made between professional contacts. So make sure that the first impression professionals have of you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a positive one. Watch this video to hear and see why your on-line profile can determine your acceptance into graduate school or your success as a job candidate.

Networking & Employer Research Resources

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Search for companies in this directory by member type and be area of expertise to learn more about are businesses of interest.

LinkedIn the World's largest professional networking site. Promote your skills in a professional platform, network with professionals in your field of interest, and connect with recruiters.

Use LinkedIn Jobs to harness the power of your network, discover contacts you know at a company. Leverage your contacts to provide yourself with an edge in your job search.

Ensuring that your online reputation is protected is essential whether trying to get a job, or even go on a date. The mission of Reputation Management is to educate both individuals as well as corporations as to the best methods to protect and enhance their reputation online.

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