Contact the Augusta University Career Services Director if you are interested in scheduling some sort of pizza party or drop-in to attract students to a site on campus to learn more about your organization's recruiting needs.

At least one month's notice is encouraged to secure a good facility for your event on campus. Please note your event may require use of campus catering services, so consult with a Career Advisor in the office in planning your program.

Employers are encouraged to support the efforts of Augusta University and the services of the Career Services Department by donations to the annual fund of Augusta University. Unrestricted gifts to the Augusta University Foundation provide funding for many "extra" programs that are not funded through the state, such as scholarships, technology, research and other special initiatives to enhance all services of the institution.

Restricted gifts to the Career Services Department can also be designated through the Augusta University Foundation. Donor Recognition services can be discussed with the Director of the Career Services if you are interested in making a monetary contribution to support Career Services programs and services. Restricted gifts of any amount can be designated for enhanced career development programming, employer development, technology and other need based initiatives to support various disciplines we support on the campus.

Sponsorships are a great way to interact with prospective applicants and establish a campus presence to foster an organization's recruitment needs. Some sponsor costs are as low as $200 and provide great branding and promotional opportunities for your organization with our services. Sample programs include advertising in our annual CAREER GUIDE publication for students, sponsoring our student etiquette dinner, becoming an employer sponsor on our website with your logo/link, branding and sponsorship on some of our career software that students use and others. If you wish to financially sponsor a special program or service related to Career Services initiatives, please contact the Director to discuss ideas for a future semester event that may be of benefit to your organization.

The Career Services Department can facilitate assisting your organization with a variety of resources tied to recruiting and employment. Feel free to contact the Director to request assistance on a variety of topics including:

  • Data on competitive entry-level salaries for the area based on major or skill set needs
  • Contacts/resources for the campus and area to facilitate any training or recruitment needs
  • Contacts/resources of career services programs in the state or US to facilitate discipline specific college recruitment needs
  • Assessment of how to maximize our services based on your recruitment needs
  • Arrangement of company site visits, etc.

Want to informally meet all of the Career Services staff and introduce them to your company culture, hiring needs and recruitment process so they can better facilitate your needs with students/alumni? Employers can request to host a breakfast meeting (usually 30 minutes to an hour) where all of our staff members (6-8) join together to participate in an employer session as part of our traditional staff meeting time.