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Recruiting Options

On campus interviews can be scheduled by Career Services to assist in your recruitment needs. We have a conference room for available for interviews. Additional space may be allocated if the university facilities can accommodate the desired time frame.

A minimum of two weeks notice is encouraged to allow ample time to promote the employer's opening and secure a strong interviewing schedule.

We recommend that employers use a resume search from us first to select candidates for on campus interviews. Once candidates are identified, either we can arrange the appointments or the employer can arrange them based on times that are mutually convenient for both parties.

Additional Options:

Employers can register to have a table in a student traffic area during peak class times to promote current, specific employment opportunities.

Reservations must be made with Career Services two weeks in advance of the designated day. The office will promote the booth location and time on their job postings website and distribute announcements to the campus.

For more information, visit Job Fairs

Booths cannot be reserved for the first two weeks of class, due to high activity of on-campus programs and services. Booths are also not available in spring semester prior to the February campus job fair.

To be fair to other employers' needs and campus agencies needing promotional space, an employer cannot recruit using the booth promotion service more than twice in one semester.  

The weeks prior to our February job fair are reserved for students preparation and campus marketing and employer recruitment for this annual event.

Career Services staff will reserve and set up for your designated area a six-foot table and two chairs. Please call 706-737-1604 to arrange an appropriate date for your information table.

While staffing a booth, employers are limited to promoting their recruiting opportunities at their table only. Giveaways and displays to make your area attractive to students are always welcome.  

However, no solicitation of products or services outside of a company's jobs available is allowed.

Employers wishing to secure an information table should review our policies and procedures for coordinating a visit.

Reserving a table through Augusta University Career Services to staff a booth in a student traffic area on campus is one of many ways to promote hiring opportunities with your organization to Augusta University students. There are certain procedures in place to protect the students on campus and their safety while pursuing their educational endeavors.

Please refer to the policies below for how to make the most of your event within the guidelines of Augusta State University. Any infringement on these policies can result in restrictions on recruiting via Career Services, as well as removal of your organization via Public Safety and possible future ban from the campus.

  • Please provide at least 1-2 weeks notice of your requests to come on site to allow the office ample time to secure space and promote your needs. The earlier, the better! You can obtain a parking pass in our office the day of your event.
  • The office will promote the booth location and time on their job postings website and distribute announcements to the campus. When your visit is sponsored by Career Services, you can only use your table for the recruiting of specific hiring needs . No solicitation for goods or services will be allowed during your campus visit. Those infringing on this campus policy will be removed from the campus and any future recruiting conducted by your organization on this campus is at the discretion of Career Services and the University.
  • Please do not "market" your opportunities outside of the confines of your table/recruiting area.  Anyone approaching AU students outside of the booth area on campus will be removed by Public Safety. This unauthorized activity includes wandering into other parts of the campus or the building you are in and addressing students without them seeking your table for information.
  • Any company recruiting on campus that has a start-up cost, commission only or base+ commission component(s) as part of the job they are targeting is required to post a sign at their campus booth clearly detailing these facts. Sales positions also must have signage at the table that fully discloses the type of product or service the recruited student will sell. Your sign must be approved by Augusta University Career Services and posted at your table at all times. Failure to adhere to these principles jeopardizes your organization's ability to recruit here.
  • Outside organizations are not allowed to post flyers around campus for recruitment or direct sale purposes. This is monitored closely and unauthorized flyers are removed. For information on the campus posting policy, refer to the Campus Posting Policy from the Office of Student Life and Engagement (706-737-1610).