Provide sustained commitment to diversity and inclusion across all missions. 


SP6. Organizational Goal 1  

Develop practices and policies of inclusivity that are implemented and embraced across the enterprise.

Augusta University shall become a culturally, ethnically, racially, sexually, and religiously inclusive community. In order to deliver the highest quality education, services, and care, we must leverage our distinct talents and experiences. These unique experiences are inextricably linked to our diverse cultures, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, gender, sexual orientation and identity, intellectual perspectives, gender identities, socioeconomic status, disability status, race, national origins, religions, and more. To establish this culture, Augusta University will create policies and practices that enhance inclusiveness and civility, promote community and international cultural activities, and improve efforts to reduce population-based disparities.

SP6. Organizational Goal 2  

Facilitate ongoing cultural competency development.

In order to meet the needs of a rapidly diversifying and globalizing community, all employees will participate in ongoing cultural competency development. Augusta University will develop programs to enhance cultural awareness and skills that emphasize effective leadership and accountability. A high-performing, culturally competent workforce is required to build respectful relationships with our stakeholders who represent the broadest segment of society.

SP6. Organizational Goal 3  

Enhance efforts to reduce population disparities.

Augusta University will recruit and retain exemplary students, educators, researchers, and staff from diverse backgrounds to effectively respond to the education and health needs of our local community. Cross-mission efforts will be designed to solve disparities, using interprofessional teams that engage in a holistic, person-centered approach. Civility and empowerment will be core values that guide the process of creating solutions to disparities.

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