Provide service to the local, state, national, and global communities. 


SP4. Organizational Goal 1  

Partner with our constituent communities and regional health care assets to leverage coordinated interprofessional care and empirically-based expertise.

Augusta University will provide expert and collaborative consultation and service to our constituencies. We will expand public and preventive health and health policy programs and develop an infrastructure to support innovative patient-oriented care and research. We will advance the Institute of Public and Preventive Health to support clinical, translational health, public health, and prevention research. We will support and facilitate inter-professional, team-based, patient- and family-centered education, care, and research. Augusta University will also identify under-served disease populations, and link clinical service lines with existing areas of research to address local and regional health disparities.

SP4. Organizational Goal 2  

Provide scholarly service and leadership in local, state, national, and international venues.

An enterprise-wide culture of service—from all facets of the enterprise—consists of giving back to our communities be they local, state, national, or global. Augusta University encourages the exchange of ideas and research with local and global communities, as well as the further development of educational and research venues and avenues. We will expand community programming and outreach in our service area. Augusta University will exemplify cooperative efforts in all areas of service. We will regularly reinforce, recognize, and reward the service improvements of individuals and teams.

SP4. Organizational Goal 3  

Engage in service that demonstrates a sustained commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Augusta University is committed to service that demonstrates respect and sensitivity in education, health care, and all aspects of our work environment. We will encourage and empower individuals who are engaged in service to remove cultural barriers and use innovative approaches and discoveries to serve communities of need locally, nationally, and internationally. We will develop state-of-the-art practices and policies that promote inclusivity and ensure they are implemented and embraced across the enterprise.

SP4. Organizational Goal 4  

Demonstrate excellence in patient care by developing high-quality, culturally appropriate, cost-effective patient- and family-centered health care.

To ensure excellence in patient care, we must utilize interprofessional teamwork to implement best practices throughout the health system and eliminate unnecessary variation in care of diverse populations. We will create and sustain a culture of patient- and family-centered care throughout the enterprise, while offering quality, cost-effective services and clinical training.

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