in research, discovery, and scholarship


SP3. Organizational Goal 1   

Support a culture of collaboration and interdisciplinary research, discovery, and scholarship.

Research, scholarship, and education reflect the heart and soul of the academy. Augusta University shall adopt best practices that identify, nurture, disseminate, and reward research, scholarship, and creative work across the enterprise. We will broadly communicate research, scholastic, discovery, and scholastic efforts on campus both internally and externally. This is of such importance to our new identity that Augusta University will incentivize interdisciplinary partnerships and establish university-wide research networks in strategic areas of research growth.

SP3. Organizational Goal 2  

Foster novel research and creative activities that lead to discoveries with significant academic, therapeutic and economic impact.

New ideas and the creative spirit are essential for discovery. Augusta University will promote opportunities for faculty innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization. We will also stimulate high-risk, innovative projects using internal mechanisms.

SP3. Organizational Goal 3  

Lead in training, attracting, and retaining highly qualified researchers and scholars from diverse backgrounds.

As a new research university, Augusta University will sponsor sabbaticals to encourage creativity and develop an infrastructure to support research education. We must evaluate faculty recruitment and retention efforts to develop the best practices befitting a research institution. Augusta University will foster a nurturing and respectful environment for individual development and will recruit, mentor, and retain a diverse group of scholars and researchers at all levels of the enterprise. Strategic emphasis will also be placed on developing the research capabilities of current faculty who historically have been engaged in a teaching mission.

SP3. Organizational Goal 4  

Promote a culture of undergraduate and graduate student research.

Augusta University embraces a culture of student research, supporting efforts to grow undergraduate research. We are devoted to encouraging collaborative research between faculty and students throughout the enterprise. We encourage original research and creative activity by students in all areas and disciplines of the university.

SP3. Organizational Goal 5  

Practice distinction in biomedical research and health science education.

Building on our existing strength in health sciences, Augusta University will identify and cultivate relationships with the University System of Georgia and institutional partners that enhance strategic areas of research growth in biomedicine and the health sciences. We encourage and will facilitate joint ventures to increase investigative capacity and access to increased basic science funding.

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