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Project Purpose

Work is underway to develop the next iteration of the Augusta University Strategic Plan.

This plan will align with the University System of Georgia strategic plan and will help us reach our vision to be a top-tier university that is a destination of choice for education, health care, discovery, creativity, and innovation.

Stakeholder Engagement

Initial engagement sessions with a wide variety of stakeholders helped Augusta University leaders develop five Strategic Priorities and three Interwoven Priorities. The Strategic Planning Core Team continues to seek stakeholder input to draft more details of the plan. Please complete the form below and stay tuned for more engagement opportunities this spring.

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Strategic Priorities


At Augusta University, teaching and learning is our long-held mission, met through ever-changing methods: fresh courses, modern facilities, evolving degree programs, and innovative collaborations — plus hands-on, real-world, whole-hearted instruction that expands impact and access and creates an educational experience like no other.


At Augusta University, research takes prominence by taking place everywhere and among everyone: in wet labs and in archives, with senior investigators and sophomore classes. Our research works to expand knowledge, enhance teaching, cure cancer, prevent cyber attacks, improve literacy rates and more.

Student Success

At Augusta University, we are committed to ambitious enrollment growth and dedicated to channeling unprecedented resources, resolve, programming, and processes into the extraordinary growth of each of our students: intellectually and culturally, critically and creatively, professionally and personally, individually and relationally.


Augusta University is determined to build a culture of greater philanthropy and financial sustainability. More importantly, we are dedicated to building authentic relationships with alumni from all eras; benefactors from across the city, the state and the region; and career contributors who are working, building and giving right here on our own campus.


At Augusta University, we strive to foster community on our campus and far beyond, cultivating a new town/gown dynamic that explodes expectations, fuels both university and community growth, and generates reciprocity, respect, trust, opportunity, and authentic goodwill across our campuses, our city, our region, and our state.

Interwoven Priorities


Augusta University is grounded in — but not tethered by — tradition, and well-prepared to embrace change in academic programming, campus life, enrollment growth, community relationships and beyond.


As Augusta University’s fields, colleges, and campuses coalesce further into a cohesive community and a coherent university, the staff, faculty, administrators, and students of Augusta University move intentionally toward greater stewardship of shared resources and values and a stronger sense of citizenship and belonging.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A multifaceted, interdisciplinary mission to make all people’s lives better begins with building a learning community that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive — and reflective of the world we wish to serve.

Guiding Principles

Augusta University abides by the following guiding principles in its strategic planning process:

  • Prioritize Augusta University’s students and patients
  • Center efforts on our mission, vision, and values
  • Build on past successes and current priorities
  • Promote engagement and participation
  • Streamline the strategic planning process
  • Set an ambitious trajectory with a strategic mindset
  • Foster transparency and inclusivity
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Commit to developing relationships
  • Align planning and actions to resources
  • Define measurable outcomes
  • Prepare for implementation

High-Level Project Timeline

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*Timeline is subject to change.

Augusta University is currently engaging representative stakeholders.

Internal stakeholders include our Faculty Senate, Staff Council, Student Government Association, Alumni Board of Directors and Foundation Board of Trustees. Community stakeholders include community leaders, local organizations and members of the Augusta community.

Strategic Planning Background

Augusta University’s strategic planning process employs integrated methods of planning, resource alignment and assessment in support of the University System of Georgia Strategic Plan.

As we sunset Beyond Boundaries in calendar year 2021, we’ve seen the current strategic plan serve our institution well during a time of expansion, progress and unprecedented change. Many of the initial strategies of Beyond Boundaries are complete, and growth is evident in areas of enrollment, clinical care and outreach and economic development. Stay tuned in the coming months as we evaluate and report on the overarching achievements of our Beyond Boundaries strategic plan.  

Our current strategic planning process provides an opportunity to align planning efforts around a common vision and mission while fortifying our values. Early stages of preparation to update the strategic plan began in the spring of 2021, partnering with a team from CRANE | Atlanta – an educational planning, strategy and communications firm – to conduct initial interviews and focus group sessions with university stakeholders. These initial conversations are first steps in the process, and there will be multiple engagement opportunities throughout the strategic planning process. While the strengths of our current plan will be retained and built upon, the experience and knowledge gained over the past four years will help us improve our strategies to reach our vision to be a top-tier university that is a destination of choice for education, health care, discovery, creativity, and innovation. 

Executive and Project Leadership

  • Executive Project Sponsor Dr. Brooks Keel
  • Project Sponsors Dr. Russell Keen, Dr. Neil MacKinnon
  • Project Leader Mickey Williford
  • IE Planning Support Brittany Cipollone
  • Advisory/Steering Team President’s Executive Cabinet

Working Core Team


  • Learning Strategic Priority Dr. Zach Kelehear, Dr. Ray Whiting
  • Discovery Strategic Priority Dr. Michael Diamond, Scott Thorp
  • Student Success Strategic Priority Dr. Susan Davies, Pam Witter
  • Stewardship Strategic Priority Eileen Brandon, Kerri Wilson
  • Community Strategic Priority Cedric Johnson, Suzanne Tatum
  • Innovation Interwoven Priority Dr. Chris McKinney, Michael Shaffer
  • Engagement Interwoven Priority Tina Baggott, Dr. Kathryn Martin
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Interwoven Priority Dr. Garrett Green, Dr. Tiffany Townsend

Shared Governance

  • Faculty Senate Representative Dr. Peter Basciano
  • Staff Council Representative Tiffany Smith
  • Student Gov. Assoc. Representative Dee Mallory
  • Graduate Student Gov. Assoc. Representatives Chase McIntosh, Megna Reddy