Honors Program Student Association

The Honors Program Student Association officers are dedicated to listening to association members; it's the best way of making sure that the HPSA and the Honors Program serve their students most effectively.

Have an idea? Let us know! Email us at honorsprogram@augusta.edu.


Keri JOnes

College of Science and Mathematics
Classification: Senior, HPSA President

"I wanted to be the HPSA President because the Honors Program has become like my "school home." It provides a welcoming place to learn and study, a tight community and a place to get to know one another. It has allowed me to meet and get to know so many wonderful, intellectual, and diverse people. Through the Honors Program, I have developed some great friendships and learned many new things. In the 2016-2017 year, I wish to help develop the Honors community, share its wonderful opportunities, and lead it into a successful future."


Paul Kelton


College of Science and Mathematics
Classification: Sophomore, HPSA Vice President

"When I began my Freshman year of college, I came into this school knowing no one. The Honor’s Program has provided me with a community of diverse individuals who are intelligent, motivated, and ambitious. The reason became apart of HPSA is to give back to my community and provide others with the amazing experience which was given to me. HPSA has the potential to make a great impact not only on the students involved, but also on Augusta University as a whole.”


 Jasmine Brickhouse

Jasmine BrickHouse

College of Nursing
Classification: Sophomore, HPSA Treasurer

"The Honors Program is so unique. It has allowed me to form friendships with students who are like me and meet amazing faculty and staff who have influenced not only my academic pursuits, but also my outlook on life. I wanted to be and Honors Program Student Association executive because I wanted to make the Honors Program a more welcoming and enjoyable place for students to study and fellowship. I have had a great experience in the Honors Program and being an officer gives me the opportunity to enhance the Honors experience for current and future students."


 Sarah McPhearson


College of Nursing
Sophomore, HPSA Secretary

The Honors Program is not only an organization that helps promote academic excellence but it is also one that offers a sense of community to students with similar aspirations and interests. Through this program I was able to form study groups with students I would have never met if it were not for the HPSA. This allowed me to excel in my courses and participate in undergraduate research here on campus through CURS. I presented my research with the Psychology Department during the 2016 Honors Conference held here in Augusta all within my Freshman Year. Now, as a current Sophomore, my hopes for the coming year include spreading awareness of the amazing opportunities that the Honors Program provides to students and the leadership skills one can form by being an example to one's peers within the student body. My advice to incoming Freshmen is to do not wait to take advantage of what campus has to offer, now is the time to make a difference.