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The Division of Academic Planning and Strategic Initiatives endeavors to create an incubator for academic programs and institutional initiatives, which, although nascent, will advance the institution as a destination of choice for students, faculty, staff, community partners, and other stakeholders. The Division will operationalize programmatic areas which are products of institutional strategy and provision for Augusta University’s unique contributions to the higher education industry.

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Jan 26th
The speaker for this Diversity & Inclusion Grand Rounds is Dr. Brandy Wells, Assistant Professor of History. The topic of her lecture is "Hidden Figures: A History of African American Women & the State Department." 
Diversity & Inclusion Grand Rounds
Feb 23rd
Diversity and Inclusion Grand Rounds invited speakers are diversity leaders within their discipline. Their work takes into account diversity, through their use of a multicultural lens to explore their research questions. 
Diversity & Inclusion Grand Rounds
Mar 30th
The speaker for this Diversity & Inclusion Grand Rounds is Dr. Betty Pace, Professor of Hematology/Oncology. 
Diversity & Inclusion Grand Rounds