Augusta University students are passionate about their collegiate experience, and we want you to experience what life is like on campus. Our campus visit programs offer prospective students the opportunity to learn about our academic programs and become familiar with the Summerville or Health Sciences campus. Summerville campus tours are student led walking tours and will immerse you in the everyday life of an Augusta University student.

We offer campus tours year-round, and we offer special events several times a year. Campus programs and departments offer additional tours of their areas of expertise throughout the year, so be sure to check those out as you make your plans to visit Augusta University.

We are eager to meet you and we hope you will love Augusta University as much as we do.

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  Virtual Tours

While there is nothing quite like visiting in person, our virtual tour is designed to showcase the beauty, history and innovative energy of Augusta University. Virtually, you can explore our Summerville and Health Sciences campuses in the comfort of your own home.

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  Sneak Peek Daily Campus Visit

Sneak Peek Tours are offered Monday through Friday at 10 AM and 2 PM. Tours include a 20 minute information session and a 45 minute student-led walking tour of the Summerville Campus.

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  Undergraduate Preview Day

Preview Day is the best way for high school students to explore Augusta University. Join us for a fun-filled day that includes walking tours of the Summerville campus, academic department breakouts, student services and organizational browsing, lunch and more. 


  Closer Look Transfer Day

Closer Look Transfer Days are designed for students who have completed their core courses and are exploring their career options. Students are able to take a first-hand, no-obligation look at their field of interest. Closer Look Transfer Days show you what the field you are exploring is like and includes a behind the scenes look at your program. You are able to spend time with students and professionals in their actual work settings and also use the time to review admissions requirements and academic programs.

  Gear Up Group Tour

Groups with 10 or more students may arrange a special Gear Up Group Tour. Tours will include an information session, a walking tour of campus and specialized programming.

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Admissions Events

  Move On When Ready

Are you interested in earning college credit during high school? Move on When Ready is a program that allows students to start their college career early. This meeting will include information about admissions, aid and available classes.


  Explore AU - Atlanta

Explore Augusta is a special occasion for you to discover how you have the opportunity to shape and enhance your college experience. Offering programs in business, education, nursing, liberal arts and sciences, allied health, science and math, representatives from academics and student services will be in attendance to provide information about our academic quality and student-focused environment. Optional breakout sessions will include a student involvement panel along with information on the Medical Scholars Program, Nursing Scholars Program, and Dental Scholars Program. The program will take place on Tuesday, September 19 from 6:30-8:30PM at the Mansour Center..